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Those water releases, though devastating for the southern end of the lagoon system, didn't reach into Brevard or Volusia counties. But they did draw new state and national attention to the plight of the lagoon system.

We hadn't been to Salvatore's for quite a while and we're pleased with both food and service. I would recommend it to anyone.

Antiquity and the Modern Period. Mary Ellsberg and Lori Heise have noted that although in the recent past (., just a few decades ago) violence against women was not the subject of international attention or concern, it has now "come to be recognized as a legitimate human rights issue and as a significant threat to women's health and well-being (Researching Violence against Women, World Health Organization, 2005, 5). The fact that there is now much more focus on gender-based violence is such a good thing, so right, so important. Of course, the witness of Scripture (and this is one of the reasons for recounting Dinah's story here) is that gender-based violence is a very old problem. Someone might retort that there are many problems in the world. Yes, there are. And all of them must be solved. But this article is about gender-based violence against women...and its long history...so let's focus on eradicating gender-based violence in our time. It's the right thing to do.

fem. proper name, in the Old Testament, Jacob's daughter by Leah, from Hebrew Dinah , literally "judgment," from din "to judge."

Dinah Washington - Stairway To The StarsDinah Washington - Stairway To The StarsDinah Washington - Stairway To The StarsDinah Washington - Stairway To The Stars