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The series is filmed in New York . Filming locations include Silvercup Studios and Coney Island , which serves as the exterior of the base of operations for the hacking group fsociety. [81] As the production crew was unable to shut down Times Square for filming, the scenes at Times Square in the first-season finale were shot late at night just before the 4th of July holiday weekend to catch the area at its emptiest while other shots were done on sets. [82] Production on the second season began on March 7, 2016, resuming filming in New York City. [36]

Benn launched an attempt on The Now Show during its 26th series broadcast between March and April 2009 to increase his follows. Annoyed at the fact that only a few people followed him on Twitter, Benn planned to make himself the "King of Twitter" by getting the show's million listeners to follow his account and therefore have more followers than Stephen Fry , who he claimed was the current king. [9] Within a week of his announcement, the number of people following Benn more than tripled, from about 1,200 followers to just under 4,000. [10] Later in the same series, Benn performed a song expressing his anger that Coldplay beat him into having more followers than Fry first, making remarks that it was not the band themselves posting messages and that as the band has four members, the number of followers should have been divided by four. Benn also mentioned that some of his followers were worried that he was becoming too obsessed with Twitter. [11] In the last episode of the series, Benn wrote what he claimed was his final Twitter song, which specially featured Fry telling Benn that if he renounced his claim as King of Twitter, Fry would make him "Viceroy of Facebook", which Benn did. Benn also referenced the passing of the one million mark on the site. [12]

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However in " 200 ", Cartman begins doing the Mitch Conner/Hennifer Lopez bit again. However unlike last time, he seems more driven by money, and his friends have absolutely nothing to do with his plan or even interact with him and Mitch. Cartman again proceeds to have arguments with the hand (even alone in a room where nobody could hear them), and it seems that the hand has knowledge of things that Cartman does not, such as the truth about his father. The fact that Cartman's hand is acting more independently and has knowledge Cartman lacks, suggests that either Cartman has gone completely insane, or like Mr. Hat , Mitch Conner may in fact be somewhat sentient.

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